You Will Love The Benefits Of A WordPress Care Plan


If you are running a Brand, having a website should almost be required by law. I say this because of how critical your online presence contributes to your overall success. For those businesses that have a website, what often gets overlooked is the importance of a great WordPress Care Plan or maintenance as some would call it. I can bet you right now some poor soul is on a shared hosting plan with one of the primary domain providers, and because their business is taking off and receiving more traffic (Taking up more resources than allowed), they get shut down without warning.

You know those cheap web hosting plans that say “unlimited” for like $6.99/month? Well, they are not unlimited, and when you do cross the limits, things can get ugly for you. It is not uncommon for a hosting account to get temporarily shut down because of server overload. What’s worse is when the hosting company tells you to delete specific files that you have no idea where to find them.

You don’t have time for this, you’re running a business and your time is one of your most valuable assets.

Enter the realm of managed website maintenance. Now, if you are a DIY person like myself, then you do not need such services. You can take care of all the technical details.

But for those people who are pressed for time, and do not have the technical know-how, then a managed solution is the right fit.

Performance Optimization

If your site is slow as molasses to load, then guess what? Your customers won’t bother sticking around for more than 3 or 4 seconds. Speed is everything and is now an important ranking factor in the eyes of Google.

Your website will load slowly or fail to load when you are getting a ton of traffic due to the growing popularity of your products and services while on a shared hosting plan, and that’s not kosher.

A solid WordPress Care plan makes sure your site never gets shut down because of your success. You can rest assured that someone is looking at ways to improve your WordPress site by making tweaks and handling specific tasks to speed up your site.

This can save you a ton of time and headaches in the short and long-term.

Support Tasks

The Internet is a gold-mine when it comes to attracting new clients. Often as a brand owner, you need to adapt to change as needed, and support tasks are a great way of tackling those to-dos:

  • Install and configure new plugins
  • CSS tweaks
  • Content updates
  • Create new forms

And much more. At TechMalak, we will take on tasks that can be done within 30 minutes when you subscribe to our Gold Plan. The concept behind support tasks is to free up your time so you can focus on running your brand, and not have to worry about the technical details.

Content Management Assistance

Since the beginning of the Internet, the one thing that has and continues to be the single most influential piece of the puzzle is content. If you are not producing enough content, and high-quality content then you are throwing money out of the window.

Content comes in various forms. Infographics, blogs, updates, media, and more are all of what makes a website compelling enough to not only revisit but share with social media.

Signing up with a WordPress Care plan that offers to create content for you is a huge bonus. Maybe you need sales copy for a special offer, or just ongoing blog updates, a content management plan can create wonders for your brand.

Cloud Hosting

Your web host can be compared to as the foundation of your online business. Without it, you don’t have a presence unless you host your website in-house.

Shared hosting can be a great way to start when you are just getting online for the first time. They are cheap and serve a purpose for those that don’t rely on a website for their business needs.

For companies that are looking for a robust infrastructure that can handle large amounts of traffic, including traffic spikes without shutting down their website, cloud hosting is the way to go.

The investment is more than a shared host but well worth it both in the short-term and long-term.

When you sign up for any one of our WordPress Care plans, your site gets hosted on enterprise-grade cloud servers that are fully managed.

In short, you get blazingly fast speeds and fantastic uptime.


Here are some exciting WordPress facts:

  • WordPress powers 26% of the web
  • WordPress Gets 132 Million Spam messages/m
  • WordPress Is Tops in Google’s SERP 583,000,000 results
  • WordPress has more than 50,000 plugins

There are a lot more facts than the above mentioned. But the point to make here is that WordPress is hugely popular. It’s also a big hit with hackers.

Keeping your site safe and secure is a full-time job.

And yes, while some security tasks can be automated, such as daily monitoring, it takes a person to know which plugins and themes conflict with each other, and which ones are security risks.

Having a set of eyeballs monitoring your website for threats is a must have. A WordPress Maintenance plan that includes security monitoring is vital to keep you and your customer’s information safe.

WordPress Care Plan Monthly Reports


Imagine if you can see all of your AdWords, Google Search traffic, Social Media stats, Site audit score all in one place? No longer will you have to switch from one account to another to see all of your vital metrics, you can streamline the entire process into a single intuitive interface.

When you sign up to our Platinum plan you can get access to all of this data which helps you to develop a strategy that will achieve your online goals.

Your brand is likely to become more successful when you make smart data-driven choices that will positively affect your ROI.


Not investing in a reliable WordPress Care Plan could cost you in the long run if you are not a DIY person. There is a range of service providers all offering something unique. Whichever route you choose, make sure it fits your business goals. When growing your brand, the key to success is the ability to delegate tasks. Assign those task wisely, and watch your brand grow exponentially.

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